"This fantastic creation is made for Broadway, do not miss this rising star named appropriately, Star Stone!”

My work exists in the intersection of education and entertainment, where the theater is a classroom and the audience left with a desire for self inquiry or to engage in public discourse.

I aim to put survivors voices first and to disrupt r*pe culture. I am also interested in conducting conversations on the ethics of social media and its effect on our psyche and to that extent, the effects on our mental health.

I create using comedy as a vehicle to address challenging subjects.

My work as a theater artist and poet aims to share the humanity in the unreasonable, the gross, the unthinkable, and the wild, because life exists in each of these things.

May we find the “Lila”- the divine play of it all. 

-Star Stone


Star Stone is a poet, actress, teaching artist, yoga teacher, and playwright. Star has been teaching yoga for 10 years, practicing for over 17, and studied under teachers including Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti Yoga and Ram Dass. Star is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Theatre and a graduate of UCB LA's Improv school. In 2018, Star wrote, produced, and starred in ​#MeToo, a one-woman show. #MeToo, a one-woman show received its premiere at SOLOFEST and went onto the Hollywood Fringe Festival, Second City Hollywood, United Solo, Theatre@41, and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2023(recipient of the Spark Award).  Star has partnered with the NYC Mayor's Office to ENDGBV and was the host of VOICES: Survivor’s Speak- an evening of healing and transforming through the arts in collaboration with ArtTransforms. In 2023, Star presented at The Beyond the Violence: Stop Domestic Violence Conference and is a member of RAINN's Speaker's Bureau. In 2024, #MeToo was awarded a grant by V-day ( V, formerly known as Eve Ensler's foundation). Star is a former member of the Oakland Slam Poetry Team and has performed at The NYC Poetry Festival at Governor's Island, The New York Theater Workshop, La Mama Galleria, Queensfest at the Bootleg Theater, among many others. Her work has been published in SageWoman Magazine and is featured in Love Letters to the 305 by IndieEarth Publishing. Star is a graduate of Community Word Project's TAP program, a NYC based social justice oriented program for Teaching Artists. Star has worked with The Girl Gaze Program, supporting teenage girls to develop stories for film, as well as taught a variety of programs within the NYC public school system.

...Do not miss this rising star named appropriately, Star Stone!”