Star takes us on a journey from childhood to adulthood cataloging her sexual experiences and investigating them. With topics like sex work, sex cults, Tinder F*k boys, and pretend shamans, this is a show based on a true story and is a wild ride, filled with a lot of laughs and heart.

Characters from the show

A One-Woman Show
Written, Created, and Performed by
Star Stone
Directed and Developed with
Jessica lynn johnson

Rosey Colored-Glasses

Young Star

Rosey, Star, and Rebel-Punzel


What they're are saying

This fantastic creation is made for Broadway, do not miss this rising star named appropriately, Star Stone!”

If there was ever a time and place for Star Stone to share her story, it's right here and right now.”


6/2/18, 6/16/18 and 6/22/18 at The Hollywood Fringe Festival, Los Angeles, CA

2/2/18 SOLOFEST at the Whitefire Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Bryan Rasmussen